The challenge this week was to put out a collaborative zine with other members of the cohort. Having never created a zine before, I was also really keen to have a go at it myself.

Based on a piece of work done for publication earlier this week I thought my images of random items handed in at a charity shop in Shoeburyness would make for a decent and quirky short zine.

Given much of my project work has been of a pretty serious nature of late, zapping together something light, fun and simple was hugely appealing.

Square format seemed to work well for these particular images (the first ones I’ve done for work using an iPhone aided by a large Rotolight) and a CD-brochure size and format really appealed (not least because old CDs seemed to be a staple of the charity shop offering.

The result can be found here.

It was brilliant seeing some of the other zines the cohort had produced. I was particularly impressed by Ilya’s project ‘No Going Back Sundays’. I had never seen the ‘beak design’ before and it was so simple and economic in design which in turn was perfectly in keeping with the spirit of her project.

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